Monday, April 23, 2007


Forgive and Forget

Sometimes I tell myself I need to lighten up. The fact is, I do need to lighten up, and I will probably always be working on being too intense or coming on in too strong a way. I love having a good time, and I love making people laugh, but for some reason, when I come to this blog, it often brings out the contempletive side of me. Having said that...

The other day, I feel God used yet another incident as a parent to teach me something about Himself. For those who have been parents much longer than I have, it goes without saying that parenthood is ripe with spiritual lessons. I am still wide-eyed about the gold mine that parenting is in understanding more about God. And last week, I caught a new glimpse of the concept of forgiveness.

The phrase "forgive and forget" is a cliche. Until last week, I always thought it was impossible. Though I do not struggle with holding grudges, actually getting to that point has always seemed distant. Then it happened. My daughter lied to me for the first time (that I know of). After going through the unfortunate reality of discipline, she said sorry, and I forgave her.

Later on, as I drove to work, I realized that it never occured to me to not forgive her. And then I realized that maybe that's how God is. As we are his children, his care for us is such that he does not hold grudges. For some reason, it is harder to truly forget a wrong done to one by a friend, sibling, coworker, parent, or any other type of person. But it was not so with my daughter. It was second nature to forget her wrong. I would never hold a grudge against my daughter. I think in this way, I learned something new about God's love for me, and how I need to extend that same type of forgiveness to any repentant person who asks for my forgiveness.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


In the Blood

Heard this morning at work:

Me: (Trying to clean our floors with a floor cleaner/buffer): "EXCUSE ME, EXCUSE ME"

Coworker (who grew up a Giants fan): "Typical Dodger fan."

Me: "At least we don't throw batteries at the outfielders."

Coworker: "We don't shoot the opposing teams fans."

Yes, both of these things did really happen in LA and SF. For all the press the Boston/NY rivalry gets, the Dodger/Giant rivalry still is great, and I still am interested when they play each other, though my interest in the Dodgers has waned considerably.

They have beat the Giants twice in a row. And it's even sweeter since they have beat them 2 in a row in SF. I can see them now-those sad Bay Area types with their Black and Orange faces, waving their Beat LA posters (for since they have never won a World Series in SF, beating the Dodgers is really all they have, poor chaps), saddened not once, but twice now. Apparently, the Dodgers have won 7 in a row in SF dating back to last year.

I always have a spring in my step on days like these. I guess it's in the blood.

Every time I'm out, they keep pulling me back in.

Monday, April 02, 2007


Opening Day

Well...opening day is here again. Today was a great day in Minneapolis. The expectations are high for the Twins this season. One of the things I love about this town is that it manages to maintain a small town flavor, still be a big city, and not have the edge of a Chicago. Chicago's fans were annoying after a few years, due to their almost unrivaled intensity and Calvinism. Here in the Twin Cities, these fans love their team, but there's not the same dark provinciality that happens in Chicago, New York or Boston. They seem to be "our boys." In fact, while on our walk today, we spotted a young lady walking to the light rail for opening day with a sign that said, we love our boys.

Today was great. 50 degrees plus, and warm enough to go on a walk and watch the children frolic in the park. Seeing as how we might get 5 inches of snow tomorrow, we enjoyed the time outside!

This town lacks the hard edge and big city noise of Chicago, but its ability to be a city and still be quiet continues to charm me, as we celebrate the completion of our first year here!

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