Thursday, February 28, 2008


Scratching the surface of Country

While in California, I spoke with my dad about how country music was a final frontier for me in a life that (I like to think) pursues an interest in all sorts of artistic expression. When I entered young adulthood, one thing that was made anathema to me by my peers was any sort of enjoyment of country music. Looking back, I suppose the reaction was mainly against the country music of the 90's, but I know that the blacklist moved beyond that.

As for so many people, Johnny Cash has proven to be my doorway into this world of music. I am still in the entryway, for I have done so little exploring.

There is a difference in culture. I grew up in a suburban environment completely away from the rural flavor and beer swilling culture depicted in the music. But the more one listens to any music, it's the universal elements that begin to rise to the top.

Since entering the door with Cash, names such as Haggard, Williams, Dixie Chicks and Harris have been added to my collection. And Gram Parson's music has become a love of mine. I think it is only the beginning, since there is so much left for me to experience.



It was an eventful month for our little family. The big thing we did was go to California, but the month began in Minneapolis. Here's Jack on a little trip to our local playground in the snow.

Jack thought that he was using this toy lawn mower in order to shovel snow. The notion that his grandson did not recognize a lawn mower deeply saddened his granddad.

We had a good visit, and Wes got acquainted with the fam. He's getting to know his Uncle Jeremy here.

We ate out a lot, which I am all for. Here's a photo of the five of us before a Sunday Brunch at the El Torito Grill

The trip concluded with celebrating Biola University's 100th birthday. Here's a photo of Steph and I with my sister and brother in law at the celebration gala.

All in all, it was a good trip. It's always kind of a blur. We got to see a lot of folks that we haven't seen in awhile.

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