Thursday, October 30, 2008


A Little Love for Philadelphia

I did not get to see the conclusion of game 5 last night, as I was working. Having said that, there is always something that moves me when a team with such history and tradition wins a World Series. The Philadelphia Phillies are one of the 8 original professional teams which made up the National League as we know it today-this format was in place in 1899, though the National League was originally founded in 1876.

Having said that, The Phillies are the worst team in professional sports history. They have lost more games than any other sports franchise. They finally won their first World Series in 1980. So, to see the city of Philadelphia celebrate last night was a wonderful momentary refuge from the nasty world in which we live. To see veteran players like Jimmy Rollins and Brad Lidge frolic like young children and celebrate the moment always gets to me.

Furthermore, I love to see the wealth spread around in baseball. I love to see different cities have a championship now and then. I am so happy for the city of Philadelphia, since they have finally caught up to the Cubs by winning their second world series!

Sunday, October 26, 2008



That's when the game ended last night (or this morning) in Philly. Since I got up at 6 yesterday morning for work, I nodded off at around 11:15 Minnesota time. In what may need to be my final rant for awhile about baseball, I will say we really need to have a primetime game? I can't watch with my kids since the game starts after they are in bed, and a rain delay puts the game at almost 2 in the morning in the east, almost 1 in the Midwest, and half the country has to take speed to watch the games.

Here's hoping the rain stays away tonight so the game can end by midnight tonight. I really wish I had seen the end, since it looked like a great ending! Baseball has no clue how to market itself-it needs to let kids watch, because they will be the fans buying tickets someday, and it will be difficult to become fans if they cannot watch the World Series.

I will need to load up on coffee tonight....

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Last Chance??

You never quite know here in Minnesota when it is indeed your last chance. Your last chance to go outdoors without thick layers of clothing. Today, it is partly cloudy and 62, a truly lovely fall day. I almost feel obligated to get outside, lest I lose my chance to partake one more time in the joy of being outside in Minnesota.

As Steph and I drove home from church today, we saw them. We saw the hordes of people taking advantage of this city's marvelous parks and bike trails. It always reminds me of the sight that I see when I accidentally step on an anthill. After I do it, I look down to see sheer movement, as the disoriented ants crawl about in confusion. When I drove past Minnehaha Falls Park today, I saw a place teeming with movement. You see, this whole city knows what is coming. And while I applaud the Minnesotan embrace of winter which can be best seen in ice fishing, sledding and cross country skiing, we know that people simply can't get enough of riding or running in the warm sunshine. October is, as I always say, my favorite month. It always will be because of the ability to enjoy the outdoors without a hint of discomfort, whether that be weather that is too cold or too warm. Happy October everybody.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


At last...

It looks as though a team will not ride a wave of euphoria to the World Series. The Dodgers have shown all of the reasons why they won 84 games, and will indeed lose the NLCS to the much better Philadelphia Phillies. It is good to see the system actually work in this case, though it has still done the Angels and Cubs wrong.

Go Phillies.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Meanwhile, in the real world

I was greeted at 10:20 PM by my daughter bounding out of her room to say hello. When I asked what she was doing up she said she wanted to see me because she loves me.

If nothing else, kids can stroke your ego. The last couple of days have seen their ups and downs on the behavior front, but the three of them continually add immeasurably to our lives. Plus, Wes is beginning to rub his food in his hair...and how does that not charm you?


I'm so tired...

of watching teams who couldn't even win their division or 85 games play in October that I may just root against the Dodgers for spite...yeah...I'm bitter.

I'll never get over this....

Monday, October 06, 2008


If Mike Scioscia Were the Red Sox manager...

He would lose his job over calling for a squeeze with the season on the line. It is a risky, unpredictable play upon which you simply cannot wager your season.

I only feel bad for the guy that he will have to think about it for the entire winter.

Well, now the two best teams in baseball have been's anyone's game.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


The Beat Goes On

One month ago, I wrote this:

"If the baseball gods are really smiling on the situation, somehow this lackluster Dodgers or Diamondback team will end up taking out the Cubs, who haven't been in the Series in 63 years, haven't won it in 100 years, but have the best record in the NL this year."

Well, the gods apparently were smiling, and yet again a lackluster team has indeed taken out the best team in the league.

I cannot fully be happy because of my stubborn principles about baseball, but I am happy to see the Dodgers celebrate.

The whole thing is made worse by the fact that the 100 win Angels are on the verge of elimination as well. Another thing I wrote a month ago was this:

"Right now, I'm hoping for a true World Series, and that would be the Cubs and the Angels."

One of the teams is out, and the other has to rally to survive the first round.

I will not discontinue the beating of this drum, because it is baseball, and I want it to be played the way it should be played.

But, since I live in the real world and know it will never be different,

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


It's Been Awhile

The last time the Dodgers led in a post season series was 20 years ago. With their drubbing of the Cubs in Chicago tonight, they lead 1-0.

The Dodgers won a paltry 84 games this year, but the team on the field is so different than the one we saw so much of the year.

Here's hoping they continue to make it interesting.

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