Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I'm Glad I Don't Aim High

Because the blog has been not so much of a priority for me of late.

Work has been going well. Becoming a Mate at TJ's has had its challenges. I wouldn't call any of them unexpected, but they have been difficult at times. The increased responsibility is both exhilarating and intimidating. Right now, the big challenge that I am facing is getting our spoils (perishable product that we throw away) under control. It is a fine line to walk between being in stock but not having too much.

The kiddos get more fun each day. I have begun rounds of kickball in the backyard, and Corrie and Jack love it. One odd thing...Jack finds the phrase "foul ball" to be utterly hilarious. Wesley is at that stage where every phrase uttered is adorable. He also seems to be more dramatic than the other two...resorting to violent rages of temper, and lamentable weeps that should be saved for wakes, but usually have something to do with a missing toy.

Speaking of kickball, we have had a very warm spring. I cannot remember a time when the buds on the trees popped out so early. The kids were able to hunt for Easter eggs outside, which is always a crap shoot here in Minnesota.

Folks, we moved to Minnesota 4 years ago. That occasion started this here blog. I cannot believe how much has happened...

One last anecdote...I was eating lunch with two coworkers, both of whom have moved to Minnesota within the past year. I was talking to them about a local restaurant that we love (Sea Salt, a seafood restaurant near Minnehaha Falls). Both of these men live in the west Suburbs, a good 20-30 minutes from the falls. I was telling them how great the restaurant was, but told them that it might be quite a drive for them coming from the West 'Burbs. They both looked at me and said, "You've been living here too long...30 minutes is nothing." I should know better. It's true. 30 minutes in the car has become a long drive to me, when I used to spend almost 4 times that amount of time in the car daily when I lived in LA and commuted to TJ's in Pasadena. I have acclimated...and I am told I can do a dead on Minnesota accent.

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