Friday, September 21, 2007



Billions of women have preceded her. There is nothing unique about what she is doing. But none of those other women have been my wife, and let's face it, things hit home when they are close to you, especially this close.

She is adjusting to having three kids. When one of them is having potty training reversions, one of them needs to eat almost constantly, and one of them is getting increasingly stubborn, there has to be some culture shock. What I appreciate is that while she can be honest about things when it is not easy (yesterday we had tornado warnings, and she had to camp out in the basement for awhile, so everything was exacerbated), she is so joyful about the kids in spite of that. She knows the tremendous gift they are, and whatever happens, I never see that realization leave her. This makes parenting, with all its challenges, such a joy and adventure.

And with all that, she is also, as they say, easy on the eyes :)

Joel, Dad and I went to dinner this evening, and while he was up getting something, I noticed a young woman with three children, and they all looked remarkably like your family. I got up to talk to her, and the little blonde girl was 4, the little blonde boy was 2, and the baby was 3 months. The young mom looked a lot like Steph. I made me miss you all so much. The little girl even blew me a kiss as I walked away--just like my angel, Corrie.
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