Thursday, November 19, 2009


The End?

For reasons that I will not expand upon, the end times have been foremost on my mind lately. This subject never grows old. What occurs to me however is how little it matters to me how it all plays out (or when, for that matter). My guess is that there are many times in the world's history when people thought that the apocalypse was eminent. Someday, those folks will be right, but probably not on purpose.

These days, the return of Christ excites me for one simple reason. My hope is that upon seeing him, I will finally put the things of this world in their proper perspective. Right now, the cares of such things as enough celery for the produce shelves and enough money to make change for our customers seem to be occupying my mind to an unhealthy degree. They just seem to be in the forefront of my mind. I long for the rest that will one day come when he puts my mind right, and I no longer am forced to consider things of such small importance.

Come, Lord Jesus.

I say a hearty amen to this, my son! I love you!
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