Saturday, December 05, 2009


An Exchange in the Car Today

Jack: Wesley's middle name is tov!

Me: What does that mean?

Jack: Goodness. Corrie's middle name is Hesed!

Me: What does that mean?

Jack: Lovingkindness. My middle name is Emet!

Me: What does that mean?

Jack: Truth.

Me: Good...Do you know who you are named after Jack?

Jack: No.

Me: You are named after CS Lewis.

Jack: (nothing)

Me: He wrote the Narnia books that your sister listens to.

Jack: Daddy, I have no idea what you're talking about....

That is so funny!=)
ah, jack. there've been so many times when i thought the same thing when talking to your dad. learn this lesson well, kiddo.
I love it. We'll try to give the girls some deep meaning to something and returned is just a blank stare or comment like this...too funny!!!
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